Zoom vs. Prime Lenses | #15

Which one should I buy?
This is something every professional photographer has to debate at some point. And for me, It’s right now. I’ve gone back and fourth over the last few months trying to decide which lens to buy next, which ones are needs and which ones are wants, and it can be kind of tough to make a decision.
“The major advantage a zoom lens has is its versatility. A photographer using a zoom lens can quickly and properly frame and capture a fleeting opportunity. They can also capture many different framings of the same subject within seconds. The fixed focal length lens user may still be sneaker-zooming (which also changes perspective) to the right distance when the subject disappears – or is no longer in that cute pose. A subject with a rapidly changing distance also favors a zoom lens. ” – The Digital-Picture.com
Now, I think the advantage of having a zoom lens in the wedding photography field is significant. Often times during the ceremony & reception things are moving and changing so fast it’s nice to be able to zoom in and out to get the perfect shot without running all over.
“A fast fixed focal length lens allows action-stopping shutter speeds to be used in low-lightsituations. Fixed focal length lenses are sometimes the only solution for dark indoor sports photography. I should mention that the ever-improving high ISO performance of new DSLRs is making fixed focal length lenses less important in these situations. ” The Digital-Picture.com
The ISO on my 5D Mark II can do some pretty amazing stuff, however it’s really nice to be able have the apature open larger and a lower ISO. I’ve noticed some photographers like the grain caused by a high ISO in their pictures, it gives it a kind of vintage artistic feel, but I’m not always a huge fan of grain. I might like it on a few photographs, but not all of them. I also feel like a prime lens is going to produce a picture that is more crisp than then zoom lens can achieve and I’m a big fan of crisp, sharp images.
So, with that said, I’m pretty sure I just need to have both. I would especially love to use a prime lens with my bride and groom shoots & seniors. Currently I only own zoom lenses but who knows what will happen before the start of this next wedding season:)
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