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This last weekend we had two weddings, Kira shot Jessica and Kevin at the Sawyer House and we were both back together for Whitney and Kyle at the Cascade Gardens. Both these weddings were at beautiful venues with beautiful couples. We had a chance to play with a couple of new toys and we would […]

Few things cause more sleepless nights for a photographer than the possibility of losing precious photos due to the failure of a hard drive. The reason it is the source for consternation is simple: hard drives are widely known as one of the most unreliable parts of the computer. Due to their moving parts and […]

Today we became the proud owners of Canon’s 100mm Macro lens (f/2.8L). Having added the 50mm back in December we now have two Prime lenses in our arsenal. The 100mm is often used for taking close-up shots with stunning clarity and detail. This is an excelent lens to use when photographing the bride & grooms […]

Rim light, back light, hair light… whatever you want to call it, can add that extra sparkle to your photography. I don’t use it all the time, but sometimes it really makes my subject pop. Creating a rim light can be achieved by using natural light, like the sun, or an off camera flash. Below […]

What is a pre/post wedding day shoot? I offer a pre or post wedding day shoot consisting of 2 hours at the location(s) of your choice. I also include a disc with the digital images. There are many reasons to do a pre or post wedding day shoot but just to name a few: – […]

Which one should I buy? This is something every professional photographer has to debate at some point. And for me, It’s right now. I’ve gone back and fourth over the last few months trying to decide which lens to buy next, which ones are needs and which ones are wants, and it can be kind […]

While the pictures straight out of camera are great to begin with, I still love to give them that extra sparkle. Below I’ve posted an example of a picture straight out of camera and a picture that has been finished and retouched. All my pictures undergo this process and I delight myself in making people […]

People often ask me “what should I wear“? I tell my clients to wear something nice that looks like YOU. I’ve heard a lot of other photographers say to only wear solid colors. While solid colors do look nice, I’m also a believer that stripes and plaids can look great too. It really comes down […]

Ok, so this one is for photographers 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I did a photo shoot for two hours and I was the one IN FRONT of the camera instead of behind it. Doing photo shoots is easy for us (photographers) because we do them all the time. It’s important to remember […]

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