What to wear to photo shoots | #7

People often ask me “what should I wear“?
I tell my clients to wear something nice that looks like YOU. I’ve heard a lot of other photographers say to only wear solid colors. While solid colors do look nice, I’m also a believer that stripes and plaids can look great too. It really comes down to your style and what you like.
Now, where color is concerned, there are some specific ideas & suggestions I can give you, however there are infinite possibilities when it comes to color combinations.
Some things to keep in mind:
Do: Make sure everyone in your family to looks cohesive, ie, you don’t want everyone wearing muted neutral tones while one person is wearing florescent pink. Try to select different colors that compliment each other.
Exception: Maybe there was a new baby born into your family and you want to highlight him/her. In that case your family could wear the same color scheme and the baby can be dressed in the eye popping complimentary color.
I’ve created some color schemes below, Typically using three colors will do the trick.
Some of these color pallet choices are super bold while others are calm and muted. It’s best to choose something that matches your personality and style.
This of course is just my opinion on the matter. It seems to me that every photographer varies on this subject so it’s best to work with your photographer to find out what will work best.
Here are a couple examples of what some of my clients have been wearing.
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