Pre/Post Wedding Day Shoot | #18

What is a pre/post wedding day shoot?
I offer a pre or post wedding day shoot consisting of 2 hours at the location(s) of your choice. I also include a disc with the digital images.

There are many reasons to do a pre or post wedding day shoot but just to name a few:

– You want to wait to see the groom until you walk down the aisle. So by scheduling a post wedding shoot you can get a lot more pictures of just the two of you.
– You want to make the wedding day a little less hectic. By doing all your bride and groom pictures before hand you’ll have a lot more time on your wedding day to just relax.
– You want to go somewhere different than your wedding ceremony and reception to utilize beautiful or unique backgrounds for your bride and groom shots.
– The photographer you wanted to hire for your wedding was already booked 🙁 You can still book that photographer for a pre/post wedding shoot and be able to have some shots with the “look” you fell in love with.
– You cannot afford to hire a professional for your wedding. Sadly, not everyone can, so a pre/post shoot is a great alternative. You can still have some professional pictures of the two of you to hang on the wall.
– Just for fun. Hey, why not! Maybe you want to get dressed up in your wedding gear again and go out for another shoot because you had so much fun the first time. You can also plan it for the season of your choice (winter, summer, fall, spring).
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