Photo Editing | #13

While the pictures straight out of camera are great to begin with, I still love to give them that extra sparkle. Below I’ve posted an example of a picture straight out of camera and a picture that has been finished and retouched. All my pictures undergo this process and I delight myself in making people look their best.
There’s a subtle but significant difference. 🙂
Here’s what I do to achieve this look:
-I always shoot in camera RAW. RAW files contain the most information and allow you manipulate nearly every aspect of the photo.
-I open the RAW file in a program called Lightroom and work on the color balance, brightness & saturation.
-Once I’ve achieved my desired look, I export the file as a Jpeg and open it in Photoshop.
-I use the healing brush tool and paint brush to smooth out the skin. Then I use an action I got from The Pioneer Woman to bring out the eyes. Yes, that’s what the action is called, bring out the eyes. I also like to use the sharpen this action on the eyes and make them really pop.
Thats pretty much all I do, it really makes a huge difference though.
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