Eric + Juanita | Cascade Garden

Eric and Juanita were married on a beautiful day at Cascade Garden. I loved all the details at this wedding but some that are definitely noteworthy are the sand ceremony, flower guy and coordinated dance.

The couple share between them 5 kids so they included them all in the sand ceremony. The bride, groom and each child took turns pouring sand into a jar to symbolize them all coming together as one family. It was beautiful.

They had a “flower guy” throw the flowers down the aisle just before the bride walked down and it was hilarious and amazing. He pulled flowers out of his fanny pack and threw the flowers with pizazz.

The bridal party all shared a coordinated dance that they worked on and it was so fun to watch and definitely put the spirit of dancing on the night when everyone joined the dance floor after the dance.

Overall everything went well and the day was enjoyed by everyone. Enjoy the sneak peek.

Wedding photography: Kira Baron Photography
Venue: Cascade Garden

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