Hayley + Jeremy | Cascade Garden Wedding

Hayley and Jeremy are such a fun couple. We had a great time taking photos of them for both their engagement and wedding day. They are naturally cuddly and took zero prompting for pictures. They brought their favorite stuffed animals to take a photo with, Appa and Pinku. There were many things I loved about this wedding but my favorite by far was the dueling piano couple Jeff and Rhiannon. They took requests and could play any song people wanted to hear. It was interactive and got all the guests involved. I also loved that the grooms dad and sister sang a fun Disney themed duet of all the musicals that Hayley and Jeremy had ever been in. Hayley and Jeremy’s reaction to this surprise was priceless.


Wedding photography: Kira Baron Photography | www.kirabaron.com | 509-969-2708
Venue: Cascade Garden

Live Music: Dueling Pianos: Jeff and Rhiannon

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