Martha and Ramon Wedding

This wedding was so much fun to photograph! I loved the colors of course and it seems that rose gold is sooo in this year, good choice! And accenting with a darker blue, beautiful! The guys had fun with their photos and came up with some creative ideas. The “Help Me” on the bottom of the grooms shoes was so funny. After the ceremony the bride and groom released butterflies, tons of them. They were everywhere and it was amazing to watch. Taking photos at the Yakima fairgrounds was unique, I loved the older buildings and the columns. For the father/daughter dance the brides sister sang a song accompanied by the mariachi band. It was so sweet and dad was wiping away tears. The reception was a blast and tons of people were dancing and having a wonderful time.

Wedding photography: Kira Baron Photography | | 509-969-2708
Venue: Catholic Church Resurection | Modern Living Building




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