6 Replies to “Morgan + Michael Engagement”

  1. I love these all! Thank you guys for an awesome engagement shoot! I can’t wait to use you guys again for more things in the future :).

  2. To an all time great couple and that’s my morgster. I for once in my life am lost for words. I’m glad she’s with Mike he’s a great guy and I guess I’ll need to prepare myself because I don’t think I’m ready for this yet. Lol. I’m. Not really laughing just didn’t want whoevers reading this to think I’m nuts. Anyway I hope and pray and wish them all the health and happiness in the world for the next billion years. Love Dad Zozo

    1. Lol, you ARE nuts!!
      So lucky to have such a great dad! Glad you like the pictures, Kira and Cameron did an awesome job!! But I know the ones of Chloe are your favorite!

      You can wear sunglasses at the wedding, lol!
      Love you so much! zozo 🙂

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