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This was our first wedding of the 2015 season and we had such a great time photographing this couple on their special day. Pictures were really important to Mike and Maribell so they scheduled a lot of time for the bride and groom portraits. There was no rush, I think the bride and groom were on a date for an hour and we just followed along and took pictures of them. I could tell they were having a great time. The ceremony was very traditional Catholic and yet was also very personalized for just the two of them. The reception was at the Wapato Convention Center. When I walked in I was very impressed at how much they decorated, it looked amazing. Mike and Maribell are very well loved and supported by friends and family, I would estimate there were approximately 400 guests in attendance at their reception. It was a wonderful day filled with love and happiness and we are so glad we were able to capture these precious moments for them.


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Mike and Maribell Wedding 1

Mike and Maribell Wedding 2

Mike and Maribell Wedding 3

Mike and Maribell Wedding 4

Mike and Maribell Wedding 5

Mike and Maribell Wedding 6

The two photos below are some new techniques we were trying out. The picture on the left was taken using the Brenizer method which is a photographic technique developed by wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer. It allows for the creation of an image exhibiting a shallow depth of field in tandem with a wide angle of view by use of panoramic stitching techniques in portraiture.

The picture on the right is using a technique called Prisming. This technique was developed by photographer Sam Hurd. Basically it’s using a prism to reflect light/images back into your lens. It always creates a unique image and is fun to play around with.

Mike and Maribell Wedding 7

Mike and Maribell Wedding 8

Mike and Maribell Wedding 9

Mike and Maribell Wedding 010

Mike and Maribell Wedding 011

Mike and Maribell Wedding 012

Mike and Maribell Wedding 013

Mike and Maribell Wedding 014

Mike and Maribell Wedding 015



Ceremony: Holy Family Cathloic Church, Yakima
Reception: Wapato Convention Center
Planner: Erica Macias Tait
Catering: Linda Deleon
Flowers: Celia Llamas
Flower Girl Dresses: Brittany Wilson-Villa
Bands: Grupo Vicio, Grupo Verano
Cake: Maria Reyes
Decorator: Cynthia Sanchez





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