Senior Pictures

Wylie | WVHS Senior

I had a great time photographing Wylie! Beautiful girl both inside and out!

Benji | West Valley HS Senior

We’ve known Benji for a couple years and it’s such a joy to be taking his senior pictures. We wish you the best this year Benji! Location: Hackett Ranch

Calleigh | La Salle High School

Wow, this girl is beautiful and I loved taking her senior photos! The locations we went were awesome and there were endless beautiful places.

Chase | Naches HS Senior 2011

I met chase out at Eschbach park in the Naches area. We wandered around the area enjoying the grass, trees & various creeks. Usually it takes a few minutes for people to open up and become comfortable in front of the camera but not Chase, He was a natural right […]

Melissa | Davis HS Senior 2011

For Melissa’s photo shoot we went to a farm in Mabton. It was super fun to work with unique backgrounds that no one will have in their pictures. Melissa loves rustic old cars & we found this great pickup truck in a garage. We also found half an old car […]

Lauren | Senior 2011

One of my favorite seasons is fall, I just love the colors! The trees weren’t all changing yet, but I did find a few that were amazingly colorful. I had a lot of fun on this shoot and Lauren was very photogenic. Here are a few of my favorites.

Chelsie | WV High School 2011

Chelsie was so much fun to take pictures of! She was super energetic and had one of the most contagious laughs that I couldn’t help but to join in. She also had an awesome serious/model face… which usually only lasted a second because then she would crack up laughing again:) […]