Geertsma Family

I love photographing this family and seeing them grow every year. I remember when the oldest son was sooo little. It all goes by so fast! I also love Laura and Mikes adoption story. They are the sweetest people with the biggest hearts!


Riley Family

I love photographing this family and look forward to seeing them every year! Little Stella is almost three and she was so energetic and fun at this session.

Dufault Family

I had a great time┬átaking photos of┬áthis family. Cameron and I shot Amy and Jeremie’s wedding a few years ago and it was so fun to see them again and meet their newest addition. Ellie is the cutest sweetest baby.┬áHer chunky thighs and arms are adorable. She is full of personality and a million different looks so I had to shoot quick to capture them all.

Dufault Family 1

Dufault Family 3

Dufault Family 4

Meyer Family

We had a wonderful time photographing this super cute family! We loved the outfits and they get a color coordination A++. This session was done in the morning golden hour and it couldn’t have been a more perfect beautiful day! We love how all these photos turned out.

Meyer Family 1

Meyer Family 2

Meyer Family 3

Meyer Family 4

Meyer Family 5

Meyer Family 6