Geertsma Family

I love photographing this family and seeing them grow every year. I remember when the oldest son was sooo little. It all goes by so fast! I also love Laura and Mikes adoption story. They are the sweetest people with the biggest hearts!


Our Family (The Barons)

We like to update our family photo once or twice a year. We usually put the camera on a tripod, or in this case we set it on top of an apple box, and set the timer for 10 seconds and hope for the best. Sometimes we’ll get the kids to look at the camera by throwing Sophie the giraffe towards it or saying “cheese” really loudly. Often though it doesn’t work out perfectly so we’ll take lost of photos and I’ll Photoshop a bunch of pictures together to create the perfect photo. We have lots of outtakes and I actually really like those because they are real 🙂

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Backstory: Ryan asked if he could see the photo on the back of the camera, we said “no, we are going to take a bunch of photos in a row and then you can go look at the back of the camera”.  Bring on the tears.

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Backstory: I put the kids next to each other and asked them to hug… more tears.

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Colorful Spring Family Portraits

This family is so beautiful! We loved working with Sudeep, Tharuni and their two little girls. We had originally planned to do their portrait session in an orchard but when we they saw that the crab-apple collection at the Yakima Arboretum had just bloomed we changed locations last minute… and it was totally worth it! There was so much color there and their outfits were awesome for the backdrop. We got some fabulous shots of this family, some very classic and some great candids too. Their kids were awesome, they did a great job looking at the camera and following directions. It takes a lot of patience to work with young kids but these girls were exceptionally well behaved for their age.

Tharuni Reddy Family Portraits

Tharuni Reddy Family Portraits

Tharuni Reddy Family Portraits

Tharuni Reddy Family Portraits

A little behind the scenes action. (Kira showing little Shloka the beautiful flower petals)

Tharuni Reddy Family Portraits

Tharuni Reddy Family Portraits