The Baron Family Christmas | #6

Every year my husbands side of the family gets together for a Christmas weekend in Everett. I love my husbands family like my own and I always look forward to the yearly reunion. This year and last we’ve taken a huge family picture, I think it’s safe to say it’s now a tradition:) We always take the “normal” smiling one for Grandma but my favorite is always the funny one because you can see everyones personality shining through.
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On Blogging

OK, So I’m trying to make sure that I write more in my blog posts… or actually, I’m at least trying to make sure that I write something. To be honest, I’m terrible at spelling and even more terrible at expressing myself through words. I’ve always been scared to write because because I’m not really sure how to go about it. I’m also a very black and white person and I’m a huge list maker, so my writing style often resembles a list with a lot of short sentences. Hopefully by blogging my thoughts and observations about my photo shoots I’ll be able to break out of my list-ful habits.

Thinking back to my second quarter at college I remember that I had the most amazing English 101 teacher. She inspired me to love English and after that class I was crazy about writing creative stories and following all the rules that exist in the English world. I decided that teaching English was going to be my career. However, it was in the next quarter, when I took English 102, that I realized writing 15 page papers and reading novels and writing about them was really not my passion at all. Teaching English was just one of the many ideas I had when I was in college; I think I changed my major 10 times:)
That being said, hopefully I’ll be able call upon those fond memories I had about writing and be able give more incite into my true passion, photography. I truly love photographing people, especially weddings. I get so excited about telling a love story through the lens of my camera and having the opportunity to use my artsy creativity to do it.
Well, I hope this will be the first of many written blogs so keep your eyes peeled for more:)