Baron Kids

I might be a little bias but I have the cutest  kids on the planet! I knew the white flower trees at the Yakima Arboretum were in full bloom so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take some beautiful spring photos. I  have some eager ready subjects that are always down for photos so I went to Sprout Again and grabbed some cute outfits, cut some branches from the weeping cherry in my back yard and headed out for an evening to play at the flower tree park. 🙂

I really love them all! It was crazy hard to narrow it down, but here are a few of my favs.

Ron + Nat

We are so glad to have great photographs of Mom and Dad! Ron and Nat are Cameron’s parents and for their birthdays this year we gifted them a home cooked dinner and a photo shoot 🙂 We had a wonderful time hanging out in the back yard barbecuing some kabobs and then headed to the park to snap a few photos. We took the kids and Ryan enjoyed running all over while Alicia watched from the Ergo. After the shoot we went back to our place for an amazing desert. I’ve made it before but it’s now my absolute favorite so I hope to make it often.


Ron and Nat Baron

Ron and Nat Baron

Ron and Nat Baron

Alicia Baron, Cameron Baron

Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream Pie with Bourbon Butterscotch and Pretzel Crust

Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream Pie with Bourbon Butterscotch and Pretzel Crust
Find the recipe in the book: Date Night In


Baron Family Portraits

We get our family portraits done at least once, but sometimes twice a year. ( I think we love pictures!) 🙂
This time we went to an orchard. My color scheme was CMYK. Which I accidentally picked out, but hey, it definitely goes together! My kids are at a very tough age for photos. When you get one looking at the camera the other is looking away, it’s a constant battle and requires a lot of patience. We did manage to get a few shots though and I know I will cherish these moments forever. I believe it’s so important to capture your family at different stages in life. I love looking back at pictures and seeing how much my kids have changed and seeing my family grow from one to two kids. Thanks so much to Tavis and Amy for taking photos for us!

Kira and Cameron Baron

Kira and Cameron Baron

I think with this shoot my favorite moment was right after we started. The photographer said…” um, I think he [ryan] has to go to the bathroom”.  HAHA! That image is priceless and it really just figures that I spent all the time getting everyone dressed and ready to go and he’s doing THAT in the photos. Side note: I did ask him if he needed to go before we left and he said no. 🙂

Kira and Cameron Baron

❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️ Mommy/Daughter Picture ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️

Kira and Cameron Baron

Kira and Cameron Baron


Photos by: Memory Montage Photography
Edited by: Kira Baron Photography


So, we loved our Thursday session at the Yakima Arboretum soo much that Cameron and I just had to go back for more. We had a date night scheduled for Sunday evening so we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then did what we consider super fun… a photoshoot 🙂 haha. We just took some timer photos and a couple of each other shooting. We had a great time!

Kira Baron Photography SPRING PORTRAITS

Kira Baron Photography SPRING PORTRAITS

Kira Baron Photography SPRING PORTRAITS

New Website & Blog


Paloma Tonic Site

We are soo excited to have a brand new website and blog design! I’ve always struggled with how to make the website look nice and I kinda just gave up on the blog. All this techy stuff is soooo hard! A couple weeks ago Cameron and I attended  a photography conference  called WPPI, Wedding & Portrait Professionals International, and I felt so inspired to try to finally tackle the overwhelming task of making the website and blog look awesome! I sat down and started working on the website and it was starting to look…. well, better at least. 🙂 Then I decided to take a break and check instagram and lo and behold I had won a contest that I entered while at the conference. I never win anything so I couldn’t believe it! The prize was a free website template from Tonic and a year of website hosting through Showit. (Check out the winning post here)

We are still working on both of them trying to perfect every detail but they are for the most part up and running beautifully!
Side note: WordPress is really hard! but I’m sooooo glad I made the switch. Showit now offers hosting and did all the initial set up for me which saved me a ton of headache. I would highly recommend showit to everyone!

Check out the website:
Check out Tonic:
Check out Showit:

Here’s a few pages from the new website

Paloma Tonic Site

Paloma Tonic Site

Paloma Tonic Site

The new blog!


Our new website from Tonic is called Paloma. So of course we had to try this drink and it’s fabulous!



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Date Night In | An Amazing Date With My Husband

For Christmas Cameron’s grandmother gave us a copy of our cousin, Ashley Rodriguez’, book Date Night In. When I learned that she was coming out with this book I knew I wanted a copy so it was an amazing Christmas gift to receive!

Cameron and I have two little ones. Ryan is 3 and Alicia just turned 1. On average we might go out on a date once every three months… um… that’s 4 times a year 🙁 So the idea of having an extravagant date night in, well that’s pure genius! There’s no need to worry about a babysitter, just put the kids to bed early and let the date begin. 🙂 I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before.  In my free time I LOVE cooking and have made a few recipes off Ashleys blog (NotWithoutSalt). I’m not going to lie, the recipes are kind of elaborate and full of ingredients I’ve never heard of (star anise, what the heck is that!!) and I’ve often felt intimidated to try some of them. But once I started reading this book I fell in love with the idea going the extra mile for a special date with my husband.

When I opened the book I took a deep breath and began reading a recipe… and while a bit complicated… totally do-able! I love the layout and how it gives you a timeline for when to start your prep work and a grocery list of things you’ll need for each date. I went to the grocery store and purchased a bunch of interesting things and I’ll admit I had to ask the store clerk where some of it was located and what it might look like 😉

Here’s what we chose for our first date in:

On the Menu:
\Basil Mint Jubilee\
\Pickled Vegetable Salad\
\Fried Chicken Sandwiches on Black Pepper Biscuits\
\Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream Pie with Bourbon Butterscotch and Pretzel Crust\

We started with drinks since we happened to have some fresh local basil from Local Yokel.
Let me tell you, this drink is awesome!!! (WARNING: I might say that about everything)

I decided early on that I was going to follow the recipes exactly even if it included things I didn’t like…. like pickles. So I was totally nervous to bite into the pickled vegetable salad. I took one bite and oh my goodness, it was amazing (see told you I would say it again). I loved this salad so much I ate the whole thing. Haha, who knew!
The fried chicken sandwich smelled soo good when I was prepping it I could hardly wait. We have never used a cast iron skillet before (I actually went and bought one so I could use it to make things in this book) so we are a little new to how hot it cooks… and we may have burned the chicken a little. Also, I didn’t cut the biscuits, I just rolled them into a ball and smashed them down so they don’t look very pretty. But it didn’t matter, the sandwich was still really really good. And it even had pickles on it. (I might have to re-think my not liking pickles)
Finally we got to dessert, and let me tell you, this is the most amazing dessert I’ve made in my entire 32 years of life! I still cant believe that something this good has existed in life and I’ve never experienced it. I HIGHLY recommend this one.
This date was so much fun. Once all the prep work is done, the dinner itself only takes about 30 minutes to make. I never knew I would have so much fun cooking dinner with my husband and then being able to enjoy it and feeling accomplished at how wicked awesome it was. Cameron and I both decided this was the best date ever and we plan to do a date night in again often.
Buy The Book: Date Night In

Introducing BLISS Magazine!

What is BLISS?
A: It’s the new bridal magazine publication for the Central Washington Bridal Show.
The magazine contains information & tips exclusively from the vendors that will be in the 2012 Bridal Show on January 8th. It also offers great advice to brides regarding choosing an officiant, nuptials, building a bilingual ceremony, inviting kids, photo booths, creating new traditions, incorporating pets & it includes a great wedding planning calendar!
The magazine is totally FREE & will be available at the Bridal Show THIS SUNDAY!
Oh, and one more note… Cameron and I are totally excited that one of our pictures was chosen as the cover image! Soooo Cool! We hope to see you at the show!
Location: Convention Center
Date: Sunday, January 8th
Time: 10:00am-3:00pm
Two Fashion Shows: 3:00pm & 4:00pm



Christmas Crafts & Family

Wow, It’s been a while since I’ve blogged! Life is hectic sometimes so that makes it hard to keep up an online presence. We just moved into a new house a few weeks ago & I’ve been so excited to be able to decorate for Christmas. We don’t own a lot of Christmas decorations though & while I plan to do some after Christmas shopping to stock up for next year that leaves this year without much to decorate with; so I decided to make some of my own. After a couple of crafting sessions with friends I finally finished some button ornaments. I totally love these, they are so simple & add a lot of fun to the tree. We also FINALLY took a family picture. Believe it or not, we only have a couple of all three of us. I can’t wait until spring so we can take some outside but for now the indoor pictures in front of the Christmas tree will have to do.



Ornament Instructions: I used two pieces of wire to put the buttons on. After you get a long stack of buttons going wrap it around in a circle wind the wire together. Then tie a piece of ribbon on & make a bow! Simple:)

Brides Choice Award 2011 | #24


Yakima, Washington – {1/26/2011} – WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, is thrilled to announce Kira Baron Photography has been selected to receive the prestigious annual WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011 for Wedding Photography!

Recognition for the Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011 is determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over 750,000 WeddingWire newlyweds. Our past clients are among those that shared their experiences on WeddingWire, the largest wedding review site in the nation.

Kira Baron Photography stands among the top five percent of wedding professionals in the WeddingWire community, representing quality and service excellence within the wedding industry. Awards were given to the top wedding professionals across 20 service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers, and were based on the overall professional achievements throughout the past year.

“WeddingWire is honored to celebrate the success of the top-rated wedding professionals within the WeddingWire community,” said Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. “With the annual Bride’s Choice Awards™ program, WeddingWire has the unique opportunity to recognize the best wedding professionals across the US and Canada. We applaud Kira Baron Photography for her professionalism and dedication to enhancing the wedding planning experience last year.”

For more information, please visit our WeddingWire Storefront today.

I’m Back!!! | Vacation | Holland America Cruise | #17

Ahhh, What a relaxing week! You might find it odd, but I was having so much fun that I only took 10 pictures the whole time I was gone… and they were all on my iPhone:) While I do enjoy photography A LOT, it’s sometimes nice to take a break from everything and do absolutely nothing.
So, without further ado, I give you a couple of my iPhone pictures to enjoy!
The Atrium.
The pool on the back of the boat.
Cabo San Lucas.
Puerto Vallarta.
The sunset on our last day of the cruise.
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Bell Pepper Recipe | #12

What does food have to do with photography?
Well, I suppose if you make up a recipe and cook something you should probably take a picture of it. lol!
This is more of a personal get-to-know me blog. There are lots of things I love and one of them is cooking. It’s like a creative outlet for me and I also love to eat. My style of cooking is to find a recipe, get a general idea of what should happen and then wander around the kitchen and find interesting things to add to my dish. That’s the creative part. I like to expirement and sometimes it turns out wonderful and other times… well, lets just say sometimes my husband is “not happy”. 🙂
I usually don’t write things down, but I did make one really wonderful stuffed bell pepper dish and I wanted to document it for future use. So here’s my secret recipe. For those of you who love to cook, give it a try. Also, one of my favorite blogs to follow is my cousin Ashley’s. She’s an amazing inventor of recipes! Be warned though, if you visit her blog you’ll probably feel inspired and end up in the kitchen. (
Kira’s Stuffed Bell Peppers:
– 4 bell peppers (any color)
– 1 green onion
– 1lb of Baron Farms grass fed ground beef
– 1 1/2 cups of cooked rice
– 1 cup chopped tomatoes
– cilantro to taste
– 1 cup of grated cheese
– 2 garlic cloves
– 4 tbsp olive oil
– 1 jar of Prego Italiano sauce
How To Make:
1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil over high heat. Cut top off peppers 1 inch from stem end and remove seeds. Add several generous pinches of salt to the boiling water then add peppers and boil for about 3 min or until slightly softened. Remove peppers from water and set in glass baking dish.
2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Boil rice in pot until soft, remove from heat. Heat 4 tbst of olive oil in large skillet over medium heat. Add garlic and onions, cook stiring often until soft (about 4 min). Add ground beef and cook with onions and garlic until done.
3. Place cooked rice in a large mixing bowl, add cooked ground beef, tomatoes, cilantro & grated cheese. Mix ingredients thoroughly.
4. Use ingredients to stuff bell peppers. Oce stuffed, pour Prego itallian sauce over the top of the bell peppers. Use the whole jar!
5. Cover with foil, place in oven and bake for 40-50 minutes (or until the internal tempature is 150 degrees F).
6. Enjoy!
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