Yakima Arboretum Portraits

McKay Family

I had the pleasure of photographing Stacy and Michael’s wedding several years ago so was so fun to photograph them with their little girl and see how their family has grown! Madeleine was a little shy at first but perked up as the session went on. We worked hard and […]

Dufault Family

I love photographing this family. Little Ellie was so good and happy! Fall is my favorite time, I love all the colors. We added triscuit the dog into a few photos and I love the one where he stood on the box and howled. Couldn’t have planned it better.

Lockbeam Family

I had a great time photographing this family! The kids were all so good and since it was morning and they were full of energy I enjoyed capturing them bounce around too. The blue color scheme with the yellow pop of color looked great.    

Hede Family

We had so much fun photographing this family. We’ve been friends for years and it was so fun to capture some fun moments and interactions.

Dufault Family

I had a great time taking photos of this family. Cameron and I shot Amy and Jeremie’s wedding a few years ago and it was so fun to see them again and meet their newest addition. Ellie is the cutest sweetest baby. Her chunky thighs and arms are adorable. She is full of […]

Meyer Family

We had a wonderful time photographing this super cute family! We loved the outfits and they get a color coordination A++. This session was done in the morning golden hour and it couldn’t have been a more perfect beautiful day! We love how all these photos turned out.

Our Family (The Barons)

We like to update our family photo once or twice a year. We usually put the camera on a tripod, or in this case we set it on top of an apple box, and set the timer for 10 seconds and hope for the best. Sometimes we’ll get the kids to […]

Coffey Family

I had the honor of photographing Lucy and Ryan’s wedding a few years ago and I just love to see that their family is growing!  

The Baron Family (This is us!)

We love taking pictures! It was fun to take the kids to the Yakima Arboretum and let them run around and take a couple updated family pictures. We use a tripod, 10 second timer, run fast and “say cheese”. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but I’m happy with […]

Geertsma Family 1

We had a great time photographing this family with their two new additions. Mike and Laura started looking to adopt a new baby into their family and it worked out that they found not only one baby but two! We can tell that everyone in the family loves these little guys sooo […]