Family Portrait

Busybee Magazine

The Busybee magazine is one of the best resources for families with kids! The latest issue features a couple articles about eating locally grown food & guess what… Baron Farms made the list:) The Smith family really enjoys Baron Farms eggs so we decided to do a photo shoot on […]

Tavis & Amy | Winter Wonderland

Another wonderful winter shoot! We started off in downtown Yakima and ended up at the Cascade Gardens. It was a pretty nice day downtown, blue skies, sun, not too cold…. but it was the complete opposite when we got to the Cascade Gardens. There was a thick blanket of fog […]

Davis Family Portrait | Winter Wonderland

A beautiful winter day at the Yakima Arboretum in late November. My phone rings just hours before this shoot and it’s Stephanie Davis asking “Are we still on for the shoot today, it’s pretty cold outside”? “Oh yes” I say! A lot of people wonder how on earth they will […]

Aiyanna & Jasleen | Twins

These two little girls are so precious! Everyone knows that two year olds can be un-predictable so it wasn’t surprising when they took turns being either joyful or cheerless. Thankfully though, with the help of a box of their favorite crackers, we were able to keep them both happy for […]

My Nephew & Niece 1

Here’s a sneak peek for my nephew and niece…. well I suppose it’s actually for their parents:) I had the pleasure to take their photographs tonight out on our family farm. Liz is three and Ransom is almost one. They are both adorable and super lively. I used a tip […]

Baron Family (My Family) 2

Our whole family got together for Christmas, There was only one person missing, but I photoshopped him in:)