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Paloma Tonic Site

We are soo excited to have a brand new website and blog design! I’ve always struggled with how to make the website look nice and I kinda just gave up on the blog. All this techy stuff is soooo hard! A couple weeks ago Cameron and I attended  a photography conference  called WPPI, Wedding & Portrait Professionals International, and I felt so inspired to try to finally tackle the overwhelming task of making the website and blog look awesome! I sat down and started working on the website and it was starting to look…. well, better at least. 🙂 Then I decided to take a break and check instagram and lo and behold I had won a contest that I entered while at the conference. I never win anything so I couldn’t believe it! The prize was a free website template from Tonic and a year of website hosting through Showit. (Check out the winning post here)

We are still working on both of them trying to perfect every detail but they are for the most part up and running beautifully!
Side note: WordPress is really hard! but I’m sooooo glad I made the switch. Showit now offers hosting and did all the initial set up for me which saved me a ton of headache. I would highly recommend showit to everyone!

Check out the website:
Check out Tonic:
Check out Showit:

Here’s a few pages from the new website

Paloma Tonic Site

Paloma Tonic Site

Paloma Tonic Site

The new blog!


Our new website from Tonic is called Paloma. So of course we had to try this drink and it’s fabulous!



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